Analisis Bauran Promosi Dalam Peningkatan Jumlah Mahasiswa Baru Di FKIP UHAMKA Jakarta


Research aims to analyze the promotional mix to increase the number of new students in FKIP UHAMKA. The
research methodology used is by using descriptive qualitative method. Retrieving data from informants in the form of
interviews, documentation and observation, and triangulation of data from existing findings. The results found in the
study FKIP UHAMKA using promotional mix are advertising (advertising), sales promotion (sales promotion),
publication (publication) and private sales (personal selling). And in this study found that the promotion mix of the
most influential in increasing the number of students in FKIP UHAMKA The first is the sale of a private (personal
selling), which both advertising (advertising) third sales promotion (sales promotion) and the last is the publication
(publication) , Additionally in this study was found also in addition to the media campaign promotional mix above
that information by word of mouth which is very influential in the increase in the number of new students in FKIP

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